Computer Play ButtonAdding Visual Flair In Power BI With Background Colors

Hello P3 Adaptive Nation! Today’s “post” is going to be a video link. Sometimes there are certain subjects, concepts, or post ideas that just don’t translate well to the written word, and especially to screenshots. So this post will be in moving picture form! We’ve posted it to our YouTube Channel which you can go here. Bedside’s today’s video, we have TONS of content on that channel, so please take a look at our other awesome videos as well.

Today’s topic covers how to apply Background Colors in Power BI Desktop. An important component of any report is the artistic design that still lends itself to be easily understood or used by the clients. So in this video, we’ll learn how to apply some background colors to both the report and the visualizations to help make them pop! I’ve included below the video link, download link both the .pbix file and background colors .ppt, and links to other articles explaining the various features & design techniques I’ve applied in this report. Otherwise, enjoy the video!

My Top 5 Power BI Practices: Transforming Good to GREAT: Article talks about a lot of the Formatting and Design Practices you see above, plus the DAX Formulas table.

Power BI: Transforming Good to GREAT: Video that is an updated discussion & walkthrough of the article above. Discusses Formatting, Design Practices, What If Scenarios, and Forecasting.

You can download the file here

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