Unraveling the Truth: Is Power BI Being Discontinued?

is power bi being discontinued

As seasoned experts in the Power BI consulting field, we often come across questions about the future of Power BI. One of the most frequent inquiries is whether Power BI is being discontinued. In this blog post, we’ll address this question and clarify Power BI’s future.

Is Power BI Being Discontinued?

No, Power BI is not being discontinued.

There are certain Power BI versions and functionalities that are going to be retired or phased out. For instance, the Power BI Windows app for Surface Hub reached its retirement on July 31, 2023. Moreover, the Power BI Windows app is set to be retired on December 31, 2023. 

However, while specific components may be retired, Power BI continues to improve and evolve. 

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in improving and updating Power BI. You can see this when looking at how the Power BI version list keeps growing with new updates and features.

To give you an example, let’s talk about the Power BI May 2023 update (release date: May 25). This update marked an important milestone in Power BI’s development timeline. One of the highlights of this update was the announcement of Microsoft’s rebranded OneLake data hub, which included improved data flow visualization and impact analysis. The update also introduced Azure Maps in Power BI Desktop. 

Another example is the December 2023 Power BI latest version, which has lots of improvements for reporting. Now, there are many more options for styling your column and bar charts compared to the previous versions.

Is the Power BI App Being Retired?

The Power BI app for Windows will stop working after December 31, 2023. From that date, it won’t get any more security or non-security updates, fixes for problems, or help from the support team. Microsoft will also remove the Power BI Windows app from the Microsoft app store.

This change only applies to the Power BI Windows app. It does not affect the Power BI Desktop app.

Despite these specific retirements, the Power BI service (the online version of Power BI) and the mobile apps are not being retired. Microsoft continues to support and develop these components, ensuring users have access to the data analytics tools they need, regardless of their device or platform.

Is Power BI Desktop Still Available?

Yes, Power BI Desktop is still available. 

While some functionalities that were initially unique to Power BI Desktop are now achievable on Power BI Service, this doesn’t indicate that the Desktop version is being phased out. It just shows that Power BI is always improving to make sure their users have a smooth experience on all platforms. 

It’s important to note that Power BI Desktop does not work on Windows 7 anymore. It now requires Windows 8 or newer versions. 

Still, Power BI Desktop continues to be a key component of the Power BI suite. It’s a powerful tool for creating detailed reports and dashboards.

Is Power BI Still in Demand in 2023?

Definitely! Power BI is very much in demand in 2023.

With the ongoing digital transformation of businesses globally, the need for efficient data visualization and business intelligence tools is growing. Power BI has emerged as a preferred solution, and here’s why:

  • User-friendly and affordable: Power BI is easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. This makes it a popular choice compared to other BI tools. 
  • Market growth and popularity: Power BI is becoming more popular, and its market share is increasing rapidly, as shown by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2023. 
  • Career opportunities: Companies are seeking professionals skilled in Power BI. This leads to numerous Power BI career opportunities in the job market. 
  • Regular monthly updates: Power BI introduces about 5-15 new features each month, so it keeps changing to meet business needs. 

Considering current trends and future predictions, Power BI isn’t just in high demand in 2023. It’s likely to stay relevant for many more years.

Is Power BI Worth Learning in 2023?

Yes. Power BI is absolutely worth learning in 2023! 

More and more companies are using Power BI. The big ones around the world need professionals who are certified in it. Jobs that ask for Power BI skills pay really well, showing how much a company values these skills.

What makes it even more enticing is its seamless integration into Microsoft Fabric. With Power BI natively embedded within Microsoft Fabric, you can effortlessly transition from data collection to creating captivating Power BI visuals, all within the familiar Microsoft 365 environment. This integration empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data, delivering valuable insights and bolstering your organization’s ability to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Power BI’s demand and worth of learning are undeniably high in 2023 and beyond. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or help your organization make data-driven decisions, learning Power BI is a smart move.

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