(Continuing the series on the Great Football Project…)

OK, remember in the previous step, we saw how a relationship between Plays and CleanPlayers suddenly let me use a single PivotTable to slice Plays data by ANY column in CleanPlayers (and there was much rejoicing).  But wait, there’s more!

And this time, I’m gonna try my hand at a video post.  Here goes…

Would love feedback on this method vs. text-and-images.  Strong preference for one or the other?  Hybrid?

Is the video resolution sufficient for everyone?  Windows Movie Maker was giving me any size video I wanted, as long as it was 30 MB 😛  Might need another tool 🙂

Update:  OMG that resolution is terribad.  Gonna try again in the morning with a different toolset, it was better on my desktop even at 30 MB.

So I’m taking the vid down for now.