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P3 Adaptive  University, aka Advanced Power Pivot on Chandoo's site.
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Questions & Answers

Q:  You Call it P3 Adaptive University, but Chandoo only offers “Power Pivot” and “Advanced Power Pivot.”  What’s going on?

A:  P3 Adaptive University is the same thing as Chandoo’s Advanced Power Pivot. It’s the exact same content, produced and taught by me, under two different names.  It’s just that Chandoo has his own Power Pivot course, and we needed to differentiate his from mine when offered on the same site.

P3 Adaptive  University, aka Advanced Power Pivot on Chandoo's site.

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Q:  So is your course really that advanced?  Should I be scared if I am new to Power Pivot?

A:  No.  I built my course to truly take you from “zero to sixty.”  It turns Beginners into Magicians.  So it’s basically Beginner AND Advanced combined – I may even split it into smaller courses in the future to reflect that.

Q:  What have the first few waves of students thought of P3 Adaptive University?

A:  Click here for some testimonials.

Q:  In the future, are you going to be offering P3 Adaptive University independently via this site, separate from Chandoo?

A:  Yes.  Even though there are many people already taking it through us directly, we are downplaying our independent delivery for now, and delivering it one more time through Chandoo in order to honor past commitments.  Then we’re “going solo” – but then may cooperate with Chandoo in other ways going forward.

Q:  Ah, that explains the confusing naming etc.  Seems like a tangled web.

A:  Bingo.  It’s just two entities doing right by each other.  Chandoo is awesome and a little confusion is nothing in the grand scheme.  It all clarifies in the near future.  Bear with us.

Q:  Are there any advantages to signing up now via Chandoo versus your solo offering in the near future?

A:  Yes, there are two benefits.  One is that you can start immediately, rather than waiting.  The second is that if you are interested in also taking some of Chandoo’s other courses, you can bundle them for a discount.