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The other day I suggested to Bill Jelen that he might want to add a PowerPivot-dedicated forum on  I wasn’t sure what he would say, to be honest.  I mean, he didn’t have a dedicated forum for really anything else – there wasn’t one for VBA, wasn’t one for formulas, wasn’t one for charts.  Instead basically all of those are combined in one single forum.

I respect that approach, really.  If my question involves formulas, charts, and VBA, where would I put such a question?  If he’d segmented the forums like that, it may have fragmented the discussion and ultimately resulted in an ineffective forum.

So I was perfectly prepared for him to say “good idea Rob but I’d rather not introduce noise with a new forum.”  Grudgingly I would have been forced to accept that.  But I was hoping he’d bend the rules just a bit here and make an exception, since PowerPivot still IS very new to the Excel audience.

I was overthinking it.  He loved the idea.  And the forum is already off to a decent start.

So if you have a question, pop on over there and post it.  Also, feel free to answer questions as well – I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall behind soon.

Oh, and be kind to newcomers.  One of the benefits of this new forum is that the legions of Excel pros who frequent will undoubtedly notice all the activity and wonder what this whole “PowerPivot” thing is all about.

Here’s the link again: