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Uniquely designed to make the MS platform shine

P3 Adaptive is a Microsoft partner specializing in Data & AI. Our team of Azure and Power Platform experts delivers tangible impact within the first month of engagement with your customers.

We were founded in 2013 by a former MS engineering leader with a singular mission: replace the old, slow, and expensive form of data consulting with a new, up-tempo, high ROI approach. No one makes YOUR software shine as brightly as we do.

Transforming goals to reality

Establish your Center of Excellence

Scale Impact with PowerApps

Convert Insight to Action with Power Platform

Establish your Center of Excellence

Scale Impact with PowerApps

Convert Insight to Action with Power Platform

Our incentives align with yours - and your customers.

Microsoft’s modern platform is uniquely designed for rapid business impact, but most SI’s still prefer long project timelines which constrict and limit that potential.


There’s no end to the value your customers can realize from your software, so why turn every project into an expensive slog when you can delight the customer and engage with the next project? We deliver robust value in compressed timeframes, and win repeat business in the process.

Transform yesterday's potential into tomorrow's solutions.

P3 Adaptive, equipped to empower any company’s BI strategy with the right mix of our team’s skills, attitude and action to inspire innovation.


We help recover time, money, and effort lost by guiding clients to clear, data-driven insights for immediate improvement.

Our experts make business reporting simple,
effective and elegent.

Reduce Errors

Systematically automating business to remove manual computation

Decrease Workload

With indisputable metrics, the  right team focuses on what matters

Increase Output

When objectives are clear, actions are deliberate

Brands We've Worked With

Microsoft’s preferred Solution Partner

Our mission is to help businesses reach their full potential.

We pride ourselves in the ability to help clients of all sizes, at all stages. From one-time consulting to long-term partnerships, we help you make an impact.

  • We have extensive expertise in business intelligence
  • We’re bringing companies into the future of integration & analytics
  • We have worked with business leaders in every industry
  • We’ve created over a billion dollars in value for our clients

Getting Started with P3 Adaptive

Contact us

Schedule a consultation call with P3 Adaptive so we can understand the client’s needs to transform existing solutions into impactful results.

Development Work

Magic happens. We build in a day what takes others weeks allowing clients to find hidden opportunities quickly.

Reviewing for Success

We make sure our client’s needs are met and the next stop is destination excellence. We don’t just check the boxes, we ensure successful implementation.

The Payoff

Engage, improve, impact, repeat. We provide a legendary experience for all of our clients so they can plan for their next win.

P3 Adaptive has empowered us, rather than making us dependent on them. Just the right amount of education, direction, and smart help, whenever we need it. The results have been transformational.



Upcoming P3 Adaptive Events

Need help convincing your manager?

2 Day Class

Power BI Foundations

Our version of the basics gives you advanced superpowers: formulas that answer EVERY question. Data models spliced from multiple sources. The impossible becomes possible.


Upcoming Events:

2 Day Class

Advanced Power BI

If you’ve taken our Foundations class and now comfortably apply those skills at work, Advanced Power BI helps you push the boundaries of CALCULATE, modeling, & performance.

Coming Soon Remote Training →

1 Day Class

Dashboard in a Day

Helping you understand how to analyze your data in a rich and compelling way through data visualization and analysis  to efficiently so you can make a greater impact on the work you do each day

Upcoming Events:

Coming Soon: Remote Training →

1 Day Class

Power Query

90% of students add this third day of instruction, where you learn to automate the extraction & cleansing of data. Before Power BI crunches data, Power Query preps it.


Upcoming Events:

1 Day Class

Visualization & Storytelling

Master the last mile of analytics with compelling visualization and design techniques in Power BI. Accessible to beginners but also the ideal follow up to Foundations.

Upcoming Events:

Coming Soon Remote Training →

Download Course Information

1 Day Class

Modern Excel Analyst in a Day

Brings awareness of advanced capabilities available in Excel, to empower Modern Excel analysts with what’s possible between Excel & Power BI and how they can be integrated in Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online.

Upcoming Events:

Coming Soon Remote Training →

Capabilities: Beyond Power BI

We also have experience with:

Power Platform

Rapidly create apps and action loops to engage the human factor, turning data into a 2-way street. Plan. Cooperate. Act.


From data lakes to virtual desktops, we can help you leverage the elasticity of the leading cloud infrastructure.

Paginated Reports

From pixel-perfect doc creation to truly paginated reports, we make SSRS a valuable complement to Power BI.

SQL Server

The familiar workhorse now has many flavors, and we know them all (plus many of its competitors).

Visualization and Design

Powerful analytics mean nothing if your users can’t engage with them, but don’t worry – we’re as fluent in human as tech.


On the rare occasion that a data model outgrows Power BI’s limits, SSAS steps up. And so do we.

SSIS / Data Factory / Data Flows

Whether your data lives on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid: we can shape it, clean it, and deliver it where it needs to go.

Power Pivot

AKA “Power BI in Excel,” Power Pivot is Excel’s most powerful feature and the surest way to multiply the capabilities of your spreadsheet gurus.

Your migration Partners
from [Tableau] to Power BI

Your company’s BI strategy is unique; therefore, every migration is also unique.

P3 Adaptive is your Power Platform expert to take your organization from [Tableau] to Power BI.

We work with you to create an approach that best your needs by understanding your data, metrics, back-end environment, ETL process, etc.

Case Study: Kuraray

How Kuraray Turns Data into Decisions

“As they continue searching for a limit to Power BI’s capabilities, Siepelinga’s team has now set an ambitious goal: to eliminate all manual reports and use Power BI as the only source of information. “

March Madness Hits P3 Adaptive

Using Machine Learning to Build the Best Bracket

As non-data people scramble to pull together the best team to fill their bracket and one up their friends, family, and coworkers, the data folks create a model, plug in some data, and calculate. This year, P3 Adaptive is your secret weapon as we share a few of our secrets using the Power Platform to edge out the competition and dominate the bracket. Buckle up and prepare for the ride!

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