Attention Accountants: Year-End CPE Options that Don’t Suck!

Year End CPE Rush Doesn’t Have to Suck
(When You’re Learning DAX and M)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Normally I use this holiday as an excuse to post something off-topic, but this year, I’m gonna stay ON topic and share something I’ve been meaning to broadcast for awhile.  I just haven’t had the time to catch my breath.

I was teaching a class last week in DC when a couple of the students asked me “can we get a certificate for this that we can submit for CPE credit?”  (The answer is yes, of course we do that, I’m just silly and neglect to mention it).

I often forget about this CPE thing, perhaps because it seems like everyone who needs CPE credit kinda hates the whole process.  And I’m told this is because most CPE training options…  suck.  Active accountants (the people who need this CPE credit) tell me that they generally tune out for 99% of their CPE training courses – whether in person or video.  Punch in, punch out, check the checkbox, get the credit hours.  As if this dynamic somehow assures the world of quality accounting services.  (If only the Enron accounting team at Arthur Andersen had taken just one more CPE class…)

Anyway, I sympathize.  The less objectively useful something is, the more likely I am to despise being subjected to it.

So, if you’re like me, and you put off the less-useful parts of your life until the last minute, I’ve got good news.  Your procrastination can actually be a win this year.  How about something actually useful for a change?

Video Option:  Our Power Pivot Video Course now CPE-Certified at Excel University

Power Pivot Video Training for CPE Credit

Click Image to Enroll, Start This Weekend 🙂
(Use Code ppp20 for 20% off through end of this year)

Note that Excel University is “licensed” by NASBA to directly issue CPE credit, so that’s super convenient.

In Person Option:  Join us in Atlanta Dec 11-13

If you’re more of an in-person kind of learner, we’ve got ONE more event this year, in Alpharetta (just outside of Atlanta).  I’ll be there teaching Foundations, and our esteemed Jedi Master Evan will be teaching Advanced and then Power Query.

Join us in Atlanta for Power Pivot, Power BI, and Power Query

Again, Pretty Simple:  Click to Sign Up.  See You Next Month!

Once the class is complete, we’ll issue you a certificate of completion that you can then submit for credit.

And of course, if you’re NOT an accountant, we’d still love to see you in Atlanta.  CPE credit is usually relevant to about 20% of our class, tops.

Hopefully this helps some of you cross off a lingering worry from your list so you can enjoy the end of the year.

Any questions, hit us up in comments.

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