Growth Eras, Mea Culpas, and Non-Competes

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On today’s episode, join Rob as he navigates two significant topics that are shaping the landscape of modern business. In this solo episode, Rob reflects on the dynamic journey of P3 Adaptive, discussing our recent transition into a new growth era propelled by evolving market conditions and internal strategies. He delves into the intricacies of sustaining and fostering this growth, sharing the challenges and strategic decisions that define our path forward. Additionally, Rob has a bit of a Mea Culpa to share about his previous understanding of the Parquet file format and the comparison between Direct Lake and Import Mode in Power BI.

The conversation then shifts to a critical development in employment law. Rob unpacks the recent FTC ruling that renders non-compete agreements illegal, exploring its broad implications across various industries, from tech to professional services. He sheds light on how P3 Adaptive uses non-solicitation agreements to safeguard client relationships, emphasizing the balance between competitive edge and ethical practices.

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Direct Lake VS Import Mode in PBI

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