Finding The Sweet Spot: When Is Your Power BI Model Ready for AI and ML?

Rob Collie

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Justin Mannhardt

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Finding The Sweet Spot: When Is Your Power BI Model Ready for AI and ML?

Step into the future of data analytics with Rob Collie and Justin Mannhardt in this week’s episode. Together, they unravel the critical intersection of Power BI modeling with the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Machine Learning (ML). Explore what it takes to elevate your data from robust to revolutionary.

Rob and Justin zero in on the crucial factors that signal your Power BI model’s readiness for AI and ML enhancements. They cover everything from the importance of data quality to the need for scalable systems, offering a detailed roadmap for those looking to make the leap. With their combined expertise, they provide real-life examples and practical tips to help you assess and enhance your analytics frameworks.

Plus, the episode dives into the broader implications of AI and ML in the analytics space, revealing how these technologies are reshaping our approach to data and decision-making. Join Rob and Justin for a compelling discussion that not only demystifies advanced analytics but also shows how accessible and impactful they can be.

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