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Upgrade from Tableau to Power BI.

Reduce license costs, get faster performance, and finally realize the promise of business intelligence.


When it comes to your Power BI deployment strategy, your secret weapon is already on staff. We help you identify and empower key stakeholders who serve as the force multiplier that drives Power BI adoption.


We guide you through the careful balance of agility and responsibility to develop policies that people actually want to support. Focus on your people and the processes that empower them.


Align your technology and business strategies through strategic system architecture. We help you implement Power BI service security to meet those needs at every level of your organization.

The very first Power BI dashboard we created together saved us two and a half months of work each year, and added six figures to the bottom line. And that was just the beginning.

Paul B.
Category Leadership Manager


Our methods are proven, fast and cost-effective.

  • Fortune 500 firm improved their bottom line by $25M per year
  • Top 3 movie studio turned a two-year project into a two-month project
  • International steel producer recovered $14M annually in lost margin
  • Leading energy company created a unified AR report across the enterprise
  • Logistics company achieved 19% reduction in safety incidents


By the end of the first day, we already had Power BI dashboards worth showing to the team and were already making discoveries about our business that we never had before.

Matt S


Solve your data problems.

Let’s plan your success story.

We’re seeing more companies than ever wanting to migrate from Tableau to Power BI. Why? Expensive license costs that silo BI off from the business, locking analytics in the hands of “Zen Masters.” Slow performance. Having to create a flat table in SQL for every single report, another bottleneck to agile BI. When Power BI was released, Microsoft rapidly shot up in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of business intelligence tools, outclassing other platforms, showing the unique ROI of Power BI above other business intelligence platforms and alternatives.

Blazing fast performance, analytics in the hands of business, and a vision for a collaborative, data-driven culture set Power BI apart. Traditional BI firms have added Power BI to their broad spectrum of offerings, without really grasping the power of the data model, the value of collaboration between analytics and IT, and without realizing the value of analytics to fuel business improvement. As a result, these migrations can be risky, expensive, and fail to generate a return on investment.

P3 Adaptive been helping businesses deliver value from their data using Power BI from day one, before it was even called Power BI. We know the challenges and the rewards of implementing Power BI to realize the long-promised value of business intelligence. We’ll work with you to create a custom roadmap or blueprint for migration and implementation. As a premier Microsoft Partner, we work directly with Microsoft clients to help companies that have been using Tableau transform their companies, implement Power BI, Azure, and the whole Power Platform. We’ll help you move beyond shiny dashboards to driving business value from your data.

With the disruption of Microsoft’s Power BI, Tableau has been struggling to keep up. Power BI Desktop is free and includes Power Query for ETL data transformation that doesn’t require a SQL guru or a Zen Master. In response, Tableau added Tableau Prep. And as a reaction to the pain of having to create flat tables for every report, Tableau introduced a data model as well. But Microsoft has been leveraging powerful data models for over 20 years. Microsoft has also been empowering every professional in business to get value from their data since Excel was introduced.

Along with Power BI desktop and service, Microsoft has built a full ecosystem for accountability, data governance, and oversight. It is possible to have a single source of truth while at the same time putting data in the hands of those who need it to make decisions. P3 Adaptive’s people have the knowledge and the experience to help you implement the promise of business intelligence which Power BI is uniquely built to deliver. We’ll not only migrate key reports and KPIs but can also help you go beyond the bottlenecks of flat tables and empower true insight into your operations. Contact us today to get our team working for you.

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