NFL Analytics by P3 Adaptive Support Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instruction
Once you have installed the app, no additional accounts or special parameters are needed. (Nice!)When connecting to the data for the first time, some users may be prompted to change their privacy level settings. If this happens to you, choose “Anonymous” for Authentication Method; and choose “Organizational” for Privacy Level. Should the problem persist, please send us a note using our support form.

Player portraits are not showing up in tooltips and/or slicers.
Short answer is that we don’t have those portraits in our data. Every week we scrub to make sure as many portraits are available as possible. A support ticket for this is not necessary; however, please do let us know if one of your favorite players is missing using our support form.

Game data is missing or inaccurate.
Data completeness and accuracy is at the top of our priority list. We have a meticulous data scrubbing protocol for every week of new data, but things can slip by us. Please send us a note using our support form if your sharp eyes spot a gap in our defenses.

I don’t see the latest week’s data.
Either the data has not be refreshed (on our end or your end) OR you do not have “Latest” selected in the Week filter. We publish new data every Tuesday during the regular season and as immediately as possible during the post season (usually next day). If you leave the app with “Latest” selected in the Week filter, then when data does refresh it will be set to the latest week. Please do not submit a support form regarding new data release timings. Rather, set your app to refresh on a regular schedule and let us and the app do the work for you.

I can’t find the other dashboards pictured in the app store.
The additional dashboards are found in the tabs located at the bottom of the report.

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