is microsoft fabric free or paid


Microsoft Fabric Data Analytics has recently become a buzzword in the tech industry. Tools like Microsoft Fabric have become essential for data engineering and data science and for enterprises seeking to streamline their processes, incorporate data analytics into their workflow, and make more informed decisions. Yet, the fundamental questions that everyone’s asking are: 

  • What’s the deal with Microsoft Fabric’s pricing? 
  • Is it free or paid? 
  • Where does it stand in the broader Microsoft ecosystem? 

Let’s dive deep.

Is Microsoft Fabric Part of Microsoft 365?

There is no single Microsoft data platform within 365. Straight off the bat, many might assume that Microsoft Fabric is nestled snugly within the Microsoft 365 suite, given the suite’s expansive list of productivity tools. However, that isn’t so. While Microsoft Fabric can integrate effortlessly with these tools, it doesn’t come bundled in the standard Microsoft 365 package. Therefore, if you’re dreaming of leveraging the full prowess of Microsoft Fabric, brace yourself for some additional licensing.

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Is Microsoft Fabric Free?

Microsoft Fabric is a premium tool designed for advanced data analytics and integration. Currently, Microsoft Fabric is in its public preview phase and is temporarily accessible at no cost via the Microsoft Fabric (Preview) trial. Microsoft frequently provides free trials, allowing users to evaluate the software’s effectiveness prior to investing.

Here’s The Scoop

  • Duration: The Microsoft Fabric free trial lasts for 60 days, though Microsoft might extend this at their discretion.
  • Access: The trial grants you access to the full suite of Fabric product experiences and the resources to generate and host Fabric items.
  • Requirements for New Users: If you’re new to Power BI, you’ll need a Power BI license to start the Microsoft Fabric trial. Fortunately, you can sign up for a free Power BI license at the Fabric website.
  • For Existing Power BI Users: If you already use Power BI, you can seamlessly begin your Fabric (Preview) trial.

End of Trial

At the end of the trial, if you don’t upgrade to a paid Fabric capacity, non-Power BI Fabric items are deleted based on the retention policy. Additionally, if you decide to end the Microsoft Fabric free trial prematurely, the trial content gets deleted, and you might not be eligible for another trial. In essence, while Microsoft Fabric does offer a free trial during its preview phase, it’s temporary. If you’re considering trying it out, now might be the right time!

What Features Are Available In The Free Version?

If you’re considering the free Microsoft Fabric license, get the lowdown here:

  • Core Features: With the free Microsoft Fabric license, you can create and share Fabric content, excluding Power BI items, as long as you have access to a Fabric capacity, be it trial or paid. This means you can use the platform to a certain extent without incurring costs, though the range of accessible features will be limited.
  • Power BI Limitations: To craft and distribute Power BI items outside of your personal workspace, My Workspace, you’ll need to upgrade to a Power BI Pro, Premium Per User (PPU) license, or opt for a Power BI individual trial.
  • Access Restrictions: If you’re working within workspaces on Fabric capacities smaller than F64, you’ll need a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User license to view Power BI content. However, if you’re in workspaces on F64 or larger Fabric capacities, content can be accessed with a free license, given you possess a viewer role on the workspace.
  • No Premium Features: The free Microsoft Fabric license does not grant access to Power BI Premium features. Should you need Premium functionalities, consider the PPU license or a full Power BI Premium capacity.

In essence, the free Microsoft Fabric license is a gateway to experience the platform’s capabilities, albeit with certain restrictions, especially around Power BI content. Before deciding, evaluate the needs of your organization and consider the options available to find the best fit.

Is Microsoft Fabric the Same As Power BI?

It is important to note that Power BI is a part of Microsoft Fabric. While both Microsoft Fabric and Power BI hail from Microsoft’s suite of tools, they cater to diverse needs and functionalities in the realm of data analysis. Power BI primarily serves as a visualization and business intelligence tool, enabling users to create reports, dashboards, and visual analytics. It’s user-friendly, making it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking rapid insights from their data.

On the other hand, Microsoft Fabric is a holistic platform that encompasses a vast spectrum of data manipulation processes, from integration and engineering to analytics. What truly distinguishes Fabric is its lakehouse architecture, augmented with AI services, which makes it an apt choice for entities grappling with extensive data volumes and intricate analytics challenges. Real-time analysis features further solidify its position as a robust tool for complex, dynamic analytics tasks.

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Is Microsoft Fabric Included With Power BI Premium?

Another curveball: Power BI Premium. This variant of Power BI is the premium counterpart, equipped with enhanced features that tower over the standard version. But does Microsoft Fabric come as a part of this package? Here’s a simplified breakdown in relation to Power BI Premium:

  • Power BI Pro License: This is the foundational tier, allowing users to create and share Power BI content. While this license alone doesn’t support Fabric content creation, it’s essential for crafting Power BI reports within Fabric Capacity. To gain access to Fabric, you would need a Microsoft Fabric subscription or an upgrade to Power BI Premium capacities.
  • Power BI Premium Per User (PPU): With this license, users can access premium features on an individual basis without delving into Fabric offerings.
  • Power BI Premium Per Capacity: This is where Fabric becomes relevant. When you have a Power BI Premium Per Capacity license, you automatically gain access to all Fabric content.

When deciding which tier of Power BI is right for you, consider how much computing power and how many capacity units you need. Also, consider Microsoft Fabric pricing.

Is There a Free Version of Microsoft Power BI?

For those budget-conscious data enthusiasts out there, there’s good news. Microsoft offers a free variant of Power BI, aptly named Power BI Desktop. It’s a solid pick for individual users, dishing out a generous serving of features. However, if you’re eyeing the advanced tier or considering an organizational rollout, the paid versions – Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium – are where you should set your sights.

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