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A dashboard is more than just charts and graphs. It’s the voice of your analytics process, a visual storyteller that translates complex data into actionable insights. Moreover, it facilitates sharing and collaboration around results, empowering businesses to excel in their respective domains.

As a leading Power BI consulting service, we at P3 Adaptive have built reports and dashboards catering to our client’s needs. Our proficiency spans various industries, including Manufacturing, Finance, Sports, and more. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through data visualization tools, including dashboards in Power BI, from examples and templates to free datasets you can use. Let’s dive in.

What Are Dashboards in Power BI?

Just like your car’s dashboard that shows your speed, fuel level, and indicator when you need to refuel, a Power BI Dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your business performance at a glance. For example, you can review sales data in a sales dashboard and even create a Power BI report on sales performance based on sales managers. 

Simply put, it’s a customized, one-page view that displays your business’s preferred key metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in a single analytics dashboard. 

Dashboards help you answer key questions like, “How is my business or team performing?

To build a dashboard in Power BI, you’ll first need to create the underlying reports. 

You create reports with Power BI Desktop. However, you use Power BI Service (also known as Power BI online) to create dashboards.

What Are Dashboards in Power BI_

What are Power BI Dashboard Examples?

We’re excited to share a few examples of dashboards, along with a quick summary of their functionalities. 

These samples are from the Data Stories Gallery in the Microsoft Power BI Community. It’s an excellent resource to get inspiration across various use cases.

Power BI Dashboard Example:Executive

An executive dashboard gives an overall view of business performance. This example dashboard tracks metrics like revenue and profits and shows product performance.

Figure 2.1. Executive Dashboard example

Financial Dashboard Example

The following financial dashboard example provides an overview of revenue, profit and loss, expenses, and assets and liabilities.

Figure 2.2. Financial Dashboard example

HR Dashboard Example

The following HR dashboard example offers insights into employee-related data. It helps monitor metrics like employee turnover rate, salary, age, and gender diversity.

Figure 2.3. HR Dashboard example

Does Power BI Have Dashboard Templates?


Power BI has a collection of dashboard templates to streamline your data visualization tasks.

It’s important to note that templates can be in .pbix or .pbit files. 

A template in .pbix format includes data. It’s a great option for those who prefer ready-to-use dashboards with sample data. 

On the other hand, a .pbit file contains only meta-data. Thus, it has a much smaller size than a .pbix template. 

Now, where can you find these templates? Take a look at the Power BI templates download section below. 

Does Power BI Have Dashboard Templates_

Can You Download Power BI Templates?

Yes, you can download Power BI dashboard templates.

Some Power BI dashboard examples download resources:

  • Microsoft’s samples for Power BI

Microsoft provides a diverse range of Power BI samples that cover various sectors such as Sales and Marketing, Retail, HR, and more.

  • Data Stories Gallery

In Data Stories Gallery, you can download a Power BI dashboard created by experienced users. Some templates offer .pbix files available to download.


However, please note that some creators only want to showcase their works without offering the .pbix files. Regardless, you can still learn a lot by viewing it.

  • Data analytics platforms

Many platforms, such as Windsor.ai, offer Power BI dashboard templates you can use. Each template is typically designed for specific data source integration.

Where Will You Find Free Sample Datasets Reports and Dashboards in Power BI?

There are many sources of sample data that you can download and use for free to sharpen your Power BI skills.

Here are some great Power BI sample datasets to download:

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Are You Spending Excess Time Manually Creating Power BI Dashboards?

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