SQL Saturday Atlanta 2023

BI and Data Analytics

P3 Adaptive is pleased to sponsor this year's SQL Saturday on February 25, 2023 in Atlanta Georgia as a way to give back to the data community at large by providing financial support and manpower for free educational opportunities and by increasing the availability of quality Power Platform training events.



In order to assist you, our SQL Saturday friend, on your journey into Power BI analytics, we are giving you our recently refined reference card. This card has been a CRITICAL component of our classroom teaching for years now and it is available now for you to download for FREE.


Can we really print as many of these as we want?

Yes, go nuts. We just stipulate that you NOT sell it (nor use it as part of another paid service), nor reproduce it in part. If you give away electronic or printed copies, we want them to be all 8 unmodified pages . . . and they must remain FREE.



Enjoy it folks and let us know if you have any feedback.

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2 Day Class

Power BI Foundations

Our version of the basics gives you advanced superpowers: formulas that answer EVERY question. Data models spliced from multiple sources. The impossible becomes possible.


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2 Day Class

Advanced Power BI

If you’ve taken our Foundations class and now comfortably apply those skills at work, Advanced Power BI helps you push the boundaries of CALCULATE, modeling, & performance.

1 Day Class

Dashboard in a Day

Helping you understand how to analyze your data in a rich and compelling way through data visualization and analysis  to efficiently so you can make a greater impact on the work you do each day

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1 Day Class

Power Query

90% of students add this third day of instruction, where you learn to automate the extraction & cleansing of data. Before Power BI crunches data, Power Query preps it.


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1 Day Class

Visualization & Storytelling

Master the last mile of analytics with compelling visualization and design techniques in Power BI. Accessible to beginners but also the ideal follow up to Foundations.

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1 Day Class

Modern Excel Analyst in a Day

Brings awareness of advanced capabilities available in Excel, to empower Modern Excel analysts with what’s possible between Excel & Power BI and how they can be integrated in Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online.

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