Accurate Results in Real Time

Your data insights done right, done fast and done better than anyone else.

We believe in rapid innovation and intuitive dashboards that drive action. We ALSO believe those solutions should be finished in record time and delivered to you right the first time. Let’s work together to develop effective solutions through our fast-paced jumpstarts and impact your business today.

It's possible to be good AND fast.

Because we remove the waste and friction from the process, you get both quality and speed - rather than trading off one for the other.

Everything you need; nothing you don't.

We don't pitch you on nimble projects only to push expensive infrastructure once we have our foot in the door. We win when you win.

We win when you win.

We treat every engagement like it's an audition for the next one. We work our brains hard in the service of delighting you.

Legendary speed & accurate results to transform your business when you need it

P3 Adaptive redefines agile consulting to eliminate bottlenecks, replace inefficient workflows and rapidly innovate your data solutions. Our expert consultants lead your team’s transformation to real-time accurate results with our unique collaborative design.

Partnering together with a driven purpose

Our mission is to help you reach your full potential.

  • 19% reduction in safety incidents
  • $25M improvement in bottom line
  • 2 year BI project completed in 2 months
  • $14M recovered in lost margin
  • Unified AR report across the enterprise


The very first Power BI dashboard we created together saved us two and a half months of work each year, and added six figures to the bottom line. And that was just the beginning.

Paul B.

Category Leadership Manager

Solve your data problems.

Let’s plan your success story.

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