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Thank you Banner

I wanted to share my experience more as a thank you than as a technique to share.

About a year ago, I moved into a new role in health care as a clinical performance analyst.  My previous experience easily qualified me as an Excel Pro, and I relied heavily on pivot tables, but I was not yet familiar with Power Pivot.  Within the past year, it has transformed the ease and quality of my work and given me a whole new level of appreciation for Excel (I already thought Excel was one of the best things in life!).  Furthermore, my team members have started using Data Models and learning about DAX formulas because they have seen the possibilities.

I am so grateful for Rob’s books and the articles on  They make learning fun and easy and are such a wonderful resource.  I have learned that if I want to do something in Excel, I just have to search long enough to find the blog post that will help me do it.  I have not yet encountered something I have wanted to do that Excel cannot accommodate in some way.

The interesting thing for me has been seeing how effective Power Pivot is for clinical data.  Most of the examples I have read deal with financial/business scenarios.  With clinical data, the logic is more about filtering tables effectively in order to capture specific inclusions and exclusions for numerators/denominators.  Since many performance rates are calculated differently (e.g. per 1000 patient days vs. per 10,000 patient days), cube formulas have been invaluable in dashboards to allow seamless presentation of metrics that have different data sources and different calculation methods.  I can even capture a user’s slicer selection and incorporate that in the cube formulas to switch between viewing hospital overall rates vs. a specific department’s rate.

In short, Power Pivot has brought new flexibility and depth to clinical reporting in my position.  Thank you for sharing your tools and techniques!

With gratitude,

Hanna Vessey

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