Power Pivot Pro Business Partnership Announcement with A2Insights

P3 Adaptive and a2Insight are happy to announce that we’ve entered a partnership agreement for a2Insight to deliver training in Norway, based on P3 Adaptive ‘s successful curriculum! The training will cover foundations and advanced features of Power BI, PowerPivot and Power Query, all adapted to the Norwegian market.

P3 Adaptive ‘s Rob Collie in Dallas with Frode Wathne and Lars A Landsnes from a2Insight

We’re thrilled to be partnering with this organization and offering our services in new markets. However we want this to be the first (of many) partnerships with other companies across the globe, to help spread our knowledge and love of business intelligence. If you have an interest in partnering with us, please contact us at [email protected]. Now, onto the introduction!

a2Insight is built on the desire to utilize available data through inexpensive tools and solutions, for managers to make better and informed decisions. We, a2Insight, are really excited and honored to get the opportunity to deliver P3 Adaptive ‘s renowned training on the world’s best self-service Business Intelligence tool to Norwegian analysts. The training will supplement our delivery of self-service Business Intelligence solutions to the Norwegian market. We deliver and build – together with our customers in the private and public and area – financial and non-financial reports and analytics – which truly will change their performance.

For further information please contact:

Lars A Landsnes
+47 95140370
[email protected]