Getting that “Goldilocks” Blend of Human and Tech Requires a Special Touch

***Update Oct 23:  Applications are Now Closed

Folks we got an overwhelming response to this opportunity – both in quantity and quality.  Several dozen AMAZING human beings have applied (including seven TODAY), and sorting through all of that top-notch humanity is a task that must be treated with respect.

For that reason, I’m closing the job to new applicants.  If for some reason we don’t find the right person in this wave (HIGHLY unlikely given the look of it), or if we find we need additional editor/writer types (more likely), I will re-open it.  But for the moment, to be respectful of everyone’s time and energy (including mine), we’re gonna close it down.

I Wanna Teach You to Be “Me.”

SEVENTEEN.  That’s the number of articles/posts that are currently sitting in Draft status behind the scenes here at P3 Adaptive , waiting for their chance to go live and educate/invigorate the community.

Seventeen is ALSO the number of articles sitting on my plate for review and editing.  This is not a coincidence.

SEVEN:  that’s how many authors we currently have (other than myself) who are chomping at the bit to get their aforementioned articles flipped “live,” and ALSO chomping at the bit to write MORE awesome stuff.

INCREASING:  that is the direction that this is all headed.  I’m never gonna get caught up on those seventeen articles, much less keep up with an ACCELERATING pace.

So, I wanna grab YOU.  Maybe you consider yourself a diamond in the rough, an aspiring techno-human-communicator who just needs a “shot” to show the world what you can do.  Or maybe you’re already a paid professional communicator in some regard, like a published author, or part-time editor, but that is SO NOT REQUIRED.  Remember, *I* had never written anything publicly until starting this site.

I want to teach someone how to enforce my standards, essentially, and then pay them to be the Editor/Reviewer of all the other articles we want to go live.

Click here if you’re already like, “HECK YEAH ME ME ME!!!”

“What does this job entail, exactly?”

It’s a brand-new, paid, part-time position.  You can do this job from anywhere in the USA or Canada.  It’s all remote – email, phone, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc.

It does NOT have to be done during 9 to 5 hours.  It would be NICE if you can occasionally send an email to keep things moving during the day, or occasionally chat about something, and we WILL give stronger consideration to people with more flexible arrangements, BUT being the “right” person for the job is more important than time of day availability.

The job starts out working directly with me:  first I’ll “knowledge transfer” (from my brain to yours) a bunch of what I believe to be important.  You get to ask me questions, we clarify, etc.  Then you and I will look at a draft article together, I will give you my feedback on it, and you will then work with the author of said article to tighten it up before it goes live.

In the early going, my expectation is that you and I will then touch base AGAIN after that first round of edits with the author.  I’m definitely OK with a second round of edits, especially in the early going.

Over time though, as you gain confidence, the goal is to have me become less and less involved, and eventually you will be acting with full autonomy.

The sorts of changes that we typically make to an article:

  • Is it clear?  Is it explained thoughtfully enough from the readers’ perspective or does it assume too much, skip important steps, etc.?
  • Similarly, does it convey WHY the reader should care – either about the entire article, or about a specific section?
  • Is the article pleasant to look at?  Are there sufficient images to break up the “wall of text” appearance?
  • If we’re embedding a dashboard or other file, does it follow our normal template?
  • Is there a completely different approach to this article that would be SO MUCH BETTER than we just can’t help changing gears and going that direction?
  • Are the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed?  EX: are Category and Keywords set?  Are there standard blog elements that are missing?

In some cases you will be able to make required edits yourself, directly.  In other cases, you will need to get the original author to make the edits (this is quite common when we need additional screenshots, or a formula needs to be better-explained – but I, the editor, don’t really understand it well enough myself to write said explanation heh heh)

Is there an interview?  What are the requirements?

Yep, there’s an interview, but it’s gonna be FUN.  And it’s with me – mostly written of course, since that’s the primary skill, but nothing too heavy.

I don’t want to be too terribly specific about prior experience etc. – primarily, you need to have “it,” and prior experience is only loosely coordinated with “it.”

Here are some must-haves however:

  • You have to be good at writing, and enjoy it.
  • You have to be good with people, and understand that “information broadcasting” and “getting people to understand” are NOT the same thing.
  • You have to use our toolset, at least lightly.  Meaning, you know what DAX is, and have probably written a CALCULATE in the past month, but you do NOT have to be a DAX Jedi.
  • You have to be smiling right now while reading this.  A quirky zest for life is a sign of compatibility Smile

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