A compressed version of our webinar recording is available, along with links to download accompanying Power BI Desktop file. All the goodies below.

Webinar Recording

Click to watch or use the links below to jump to a specific topic:-

00:09 Intro: Data Drudgery -> Data Joy
01:29 Power BI
01:42 Power BI Dashboard
03:44 Dashboard Mobility
05:08 Dashboard Personalization
07:59 Power BI Reports
13:10 Excel Reports
15:32 Natural Language Q&A Intro
16:46 Natural Language Q&A Demo
20:58 BI Architecture
21:16 Combing Multiple Datasets
23:21 Easy Refresh
23:36 Single Source of Truth
24:32 Closing: Data Drudgery => Data Joy => $$$

File Download

I am unable to share the exact file I demo’ed but I can share a close copy which uses some of the same techniques.

Thanks to Microsoft Power BI team for hosting the webinar. Special thanks to Charles Sterling for holding my hand throughout the webinar and his “show must go on” spirit as I struggled with my audio issues. Thanks to those who attended. You are my lifeline!

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