Get it???  On break???

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately folks.  A series of biz trips and conferences had made regular blog production difficult, but then… well, apparently every three years I need a trip to the emergency room.

Longtime readers may remember the time I wrecked my knee.  Well, a couple weeks back, I wrecked my leg, my hand, and tore up a reasonable percentage of my surface area on a motorcycle.  Well actually it was a scooter, but a scooter with a much bigger engine than I had any business “breaking in” on (I had zero experience on two-wheeled vehicles of any sort), and besides…  “motorcycle” sounds manlier than “scooter” right?  So we’ll just say motorcycle.


Only 6.4 Miles on Odometer Before the Crash – and it was Delivered with 0.9 Already On There!
(But I went the last 0.1 mile without the scooter heh heh)

Answers to common questions

  1. Yes, I was wearing a helmet which was damn fortunate.  We were just tooling around the neighborhood to try them out, and it would have been easy to forgo the helmets.  My helmet was torn up on three of four sides after the wreck, and that would have been face, skull, and brain otherwise.
  2. Yep, surgery required.  I have plates and screws in my right leg that are going to be a permanent part of my anatomy.
  3. No, I’m not in much pain at all, and never really was.  Which is shocking really, and I quit taking my pain meds almost immediately.  (Knee surgery three years ago was excruciating by comparison).
  4. The hand/thumb cast stays on for another 4 weeks, and I’m not allowed to bear any weight on the leg for another four weeks, which means, yep, I get to use a walker for the next month.
  5. Yes, I am getting antsy – two weeks into this and I’m SO ready for it to be done.  Antsy to get out and get moving again.

Videos from MDIS!

Since I can’t really type that well, it’s fortunate that our friends at Microsoft were nice enough to put my presentations from last month out on YouTube.  The first two below are me, and the third one is one of our clients (Tom Phelan of Tyco) presenting at the same conference.

I’ve been meaning to post these for several weeks now, sorry it took so long.  I hope to be back at the keyboard with renewed vigor soon!

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