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Physical books off to the printer!

<Yawns, stretches, rubs eyes>  Well folks it’s 100% done.  An intense final week of editing last week, and into the weekend, but as of 7 am Monday morning, the finished files were in the possession of Hess Print Solutions in Brimfield OH.  Now it’s merely a matter of them juggling their entire work queue in order to accommodate this milestone work.  (Step aside, Highlights for Children, the future of the human species hangs in the balance.)

Wait, Just NOW Done?  Yeah, we added a lot more Smile

Yeah, well, the crowdfunding campaign went so well, we decided we had to make the book even better.  The community helped us, and we wanted to make absolutely sure we were sufficiently returning the favor.  When the dust settled, the 2nd edition clocked in at a full 70 pages longer than the original, and includes such brand-new or completely rewritten chapters as:

2 – Power Pivot and the Power BI Family: Making Sense of the Various Versions
20 – Power Query to the Rescue
21 – Power BI Desktop
22 – “Complicated” Relationships
23 – Row and Filter Context Demystified
24 – CALCULATE and FILTER – More Nuances
26 – Advanced Calculated Columns
27 – New DAX Functions – and Variables!
28 – YouTube for Data ( and other Servers)
A2 – Cube Formulas – The End of GETPIVOTDATA()

All Three Versions of Excel Plus Power BI Desktop

Lots of coverage of the multiple Excel versions this time around, rather than a sole focus on Power Pivot 2010 like first edition.

All Existing Topics Clarified and Brought Up to Date

The vast majority of pre-existing pages of the book have been given clarified and updated as well.  The state of the art has advanced, both in tech as well as our ability to explain and teach, and we refreshed the “old” content accordingly.

Wait, You Changed the Title??

Yep, as we expanded the book to cover more than just Power Pivot, and more than just DAX, well, it didn’t seem right to keep the old name (DAX Formulas for Power Pivot).  Ah, DFPP, we will miss your acronym but not your full title.

Technically, a change of title means a new ISBN and this is technically not a second edition, but instead a brand new book.  Whatever.  It’s the same style you’re used to.  Trust us, it feels like a 2nd edition.  I’m even more proud of this one than the first one.  It just feels cleaner, more refined, more polished.