Friends, we are in the final days of our crowd funding campaign. Help us make a final surge and bring Rob home. Now is your last chance to contribute to our campaign, preorder our book and get cool perks.

PreOrder 2nd Edition of our Power Pivot Book
This is your chance to #BringRobHome 

Order now and get cool perks like the DAX T-shirt (our most popular perk). It’s the absolution that data nerds have been seeking.

PreOrder 2nd Edition of our Power Pivot Book
Absolution that data nerds have been seeking

  • Order now: If you haven’t ordered yet…what are you waiting for? Order now and you would receive our book 3-4 weeks before general availability.
  • Get another copy for your friend/colleague: You can go back and order as many times as you like (even though it doesn’t let you specify multiple quantities or multiple perks, you can go back and order again). You can even order a case of 24 books, at deep discount, for your whole team/family – you’ll be their hero!
  • Upgrade your order: Ordered the DAX Sticker but want the DAX T-Shirt? IndieGoGo lets you “Upgrade Your Perk“.
  • Tell your friends: You can easily spread the word by using the sharing tools on the campaign page. Click on the facebook or twitter icons to share easily with one click.

    How Your Funds are Being Used

    Our first print run would be in full color, thanks to your contributions. Additional funds would ensure that future print runs are also in color.

    Bonus New Chapters: Your support has inspired us to leave no stone unturned in the journey of this book. We will be adding additional chapters to cover bonus content. Below is what the table of contents looks like as of now. The chapters in bold have major edits or are completely new.

    PreOrder 2nd Edition of our Power Pivot Book

    Power On!