But in a Good Way…

The Microsoft Power BI team just purchased the ad slot on the last page of our DAX 2nd Edition book.

First of all, thank you thank you thank you, Power BI team!  This is SUPER helpful, we will now be able to consider higher-quality paper in addition to color printing, and that helps all of us out here in the trenches.  I’ve seen what color and high-qual paper did for Bill’s latest book, and it’s significant.

Please check out the entire pre-order campaign, including the exclusive gifts and the new half-price cases for teams offer.

Legitimacy, Part One

I won’t try to hide my thrill – that my former colleagues are lending their name and brand to the final page of our book, which in many ways is more impactful than the financial support.

“We, Microsoft, APPROVE of P3 Adaptive ” – that’s a message this sends. And I appreciate that, both professionally and personally.  That may sound funny, me being a former member of the MS team and all, but take my word for it that this feels GOOD.  Like Sally Field in 1985, we’ve had unorthodox careers here at P3 Adaptive , and it’s good to know that we (and our methods) are liked.

Legitimacy, Part Two

Even better though, that the Power BI team cares enough about the Excel crowd to “speak” to them directly in this manner.  Statistically speaking, most people reading this book are going to be Excel People, and they know that.  It’s not written or marketed specifically with a “BI” mindset as its emphasis.

Think about it; nothing proves the “one big happy family” story better:  that the Excel-based version of Power BI and the “flagship” Power BI Desktop speak the same languages, that the same sorts of people can use them (and move freely between them), and that they are committed to both.

Putting their money, but more significantly their brand, where their mouth is.  Very good sign for the future of everyone reading this, and for the future of the MS platform.  I like that a lot.