By Avi Singh [Twitter]

“Hello Everybody…”

With those words, Rob opened the very first blog post on this site back on Oct 26th, 2009. He spoke about his passion for PowerPivot and for the Excel community. He talked about bringing people together.

Today, I am happy to announce two big milestones in the P3 Adaptive journey: 800 Blog Posts and 2000+ YouTube Subscribers! Get a list of our hottest blog posts below.

P3 Adaptive has touched people across the world, through our blog, our youtube channel, our classes and free webinars. And we hope to do more. We hope to set the world of BI on fire and herald the disruptive new force that is Power BI.

We have not gotten here by ourselves though. And we wouldn’t get to our goal alone either. You have supported us, rallied around us, amplified our message and have given us strength. A BIG Thank You!

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What’s this Newsletter?

So far our blog has been our primary means of communication – for our blog articles, but also for our classes/free webinars/events etc.

You could subscribe to our blog via email, and many of you do. However many of you prefer to consume the blog via other methods – just the website or using an aggregator like feedly (my tool of choice). Also our cadence of two blog posts a week (Tuesday & Thursday) is more email than some folks want to receive.

Finally, we heard from many of you, that you would like to be notified via email of upcoming classes, free webinars and other events.

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A Story of 800 Blog Posts

800 Blog posts means that you would find pretty much everything under the sun, just use the search box.

Search Box is your friend! (top right corner)

For e.g. if you search for Cycle Plots, you would not only find my post from June 2015, but also Colin Banfield’s guest post from 2012! Read how we tackled it slightly differently. Similarly you can search for disconnected slicers, cube formulas and more.

Race to 1000 Page Views

Here are the fastest burning blog posts from this year (2015) – as measured by how quickly they reached 1000 views. This analysis is modeled after the Compare Product Performance Since Launch post, check out that post to see how you can run a similar analysis. Look through the top blogs list below and see if you had missed any, or go back and revisit an old favorite. A special thanks to our guest bloggers who appear in the list below. And our partners in crime Matt Allington and Dany Hoter who are regular posters and also appear below.

2015 Blog Post

Days to Reach 1K Views

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