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Power Update Now Emails PDFs or Full Power Pivot / Power BI Workbooks to Email Recipients

Autorefreshes Your Power Pivot Workbook as Frequently as Desired, Auto-Publishes to Any Location, and Now Sends Email Notifications of Success/Failures – With Attachments!

Our Gift to the Community:  New, Improved, and Free

The team has added several new features in the latest version of Power Update.  One of them (email notifications that optionally attach the updated workbook or PDF-ified version of the workook), is pictured above.

But the biggest new “feature” is that there’s now a 100% free version.  Go ahead and download it from the link below, and start using it today.

It will work forever – no trial expiration – and will never require payment.


(Alternate Location Here in case DropBox is blocked)

It will be installed and working in less than five minutes.  Have fun, and if you have any troubles, report those on the Power Update Forum.

“Why Free?  What’s the Catch?”

Simply put, we want everyone to have it.  Everyone.  It’s a game changer.  It will lead to more Power Pivot / Power BI adoption and overall goodness, which is very much something we want.

The only limitation in the free version is that it will only schedule one workbook. Every last feature is available – email, PDF attachments, publish to SharePoint and even SSAS Tabular.

So if you’ve only got one important workbook, you can use the free version forever.  A lot of people will run that way, and we’re ok with that.  If you someday end up with more than one workbook that needs refresh, you can opt to purchase the full version, which can schedule as many workbooks as you want.

“Wait, Can’t I Cheat That With Multiple Computers?”

Yep, if you’ve got multiple computers, go ahead and install the free version on ALL of them.  Use each computer to run a different workbook.  Totally cool.

We WANT you to do that.  We want Power Update running everywhere.  At some point if you run out of spare computers, then maybe you buy a license or two.  We’re ok with this loophole.  Go crazy.

Other New Features

Power Update will Now Also Auto-Run Macros On Your Schedule, and Some Other Things

Most of the Other New Features Live on this One Dialog

Other New Features – The Quick List

  1. Timestamping output files – so if you want each copy of the workbook to have its own unique filename, with the date and time of the refresh “stamped” on it, you’re covered.
  2. The ability to run macros – before and/or after data refresh.  So if you’ve got something that pre-sets slicers or something, go crazy.
  3. Support for password-protected workbooks.  Self explanatory.
  4. Ability to let macros handle the refresh – if your macros themselves process the data refresh, check that checkbox and Power Update won’t repeat the refresh.

More Functionality Under Options

Make Sure to Check Out the Options Dropdown

The Options Dropdown is Where You Set Up Email
(But there are some other goodies lurking there as well)

Quick Summary of Relevant Links

  1. Download the Free Version HERE.
  2. Read the original Power Update announcement HERE.
  3. Read two reviews HERE and HERE.
  4. Get support and/or share your opinions/reactions in the forum HERE.

Have fun folks Smile