Power Pivot Pro Online University

“They’re calling me the ‘go-to guy’ here at work.  All the credit goes to you.”

-C. Gilbert

All Systems Go!

Apologies for the delay.  We’ve been holding off on a broad re-launch because we wanted/needed a few things done first:

  1. All of the content is complete.  The last official lesson, Using Macros with Power Pivot, was published this past weekend.
  2. The Alchemy book is on track.  Students of the class will receive an electronic copy of Power Pivot Alchemy before it even goes to the printer.  I just got back from Bill Jelen’s secret winter hideout, where we conducted a marathon writing session.  I am now confident we will be distributing the “early bird” e-version to students during the month of February.
  3. Chandoo and I have aligned our plans.  P3 Adaptive University will be offered one more time (Feb 10) in partnership with Chandoo.org, and subsequently will only be available through P3 Adaptive .

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