Second Xmas Tree – Just Deployed by Santa’s Tree Ninjas at P3 Adaptive HQ

That time of year to rest.  And run around like crazy.

Well folks what can I say.  One heck of a year, this 2013 thing.  And it’s ending on a hectic note – this week I am conducting 3.5 full days of trainings, AND then driving to Chicago.

imageAnd, as pictured above, deploying last-minute “backup” Xmas trees.  You know, the one my wife saw in the movie “Elf” the other day and said “ooh I want one of those someday.”

So she went out to her boxing class tonight and I quickly deployed the tinsel tree that I cut down this afternoon in the tinsel forest.  Let me tell ya, tinsel trees are tough to cut down.  Let’s hope she likes it.

Pretty standard stuff really.

I already see the page view stats doing their standard year-end tapering, so I think it’s time to close up Santa’s PowerPivot Shop until the New Year.

If I get time during the upcoming two weeks to write one of my off-topic holiday posts, I’d very much like to do so.  But I can’t promise to do anything really other than to lay low for a bit.  And catch up on my email.  And prep for big stuff that I want to roll out in the new year.  And drive all over the Midwest, in the passenger seat, with a laptop and a cell phone hotspot.

So if I don’t see you until then, happy holidays / new year to everyone.  Thanks for reading and making my job so much fun.

Oh, and if you’re into 100% politically incorrect, Not Safe For Work Christmas humor that still (IMO) doesn’t cross any truly important lines, I highly recommend checking out this comic from my heroes over at Penny Arcade.

And if you were/are an epic Dungeons and Dragon nerd growing up (like me!), definitely check out How the Illithid Stole Christmas.