Got an email from an old friend over the weekend who is looking to hire some folks.  I generally love nothing more than posting job opportunities in the data realm, so here goes Smile

Richard Tkachuk, who some of you might know from his previous incarnation as a member of the Analysis Services team, landed in southern California a few years ago to help deliver the SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse appliance. He’s absolutely dying trying to hire talented program managers to help build the future of big data on distributed systems – on both on-premise appliances and in the cloud.  

So if you live in southern California or want to, have a proven track record of delivering solutions in this area, love big data and the kind hardware it lives on, shoot him a note at [email protected].

Having fun? It’s absolutely crazy here. We’re just wrapping up our second major version of SQL PDW and looking at what’s next. Business good and looks to take off. So we’re staffing up across disciplines – so if you know of someone personally that might be interested, I’d love a reference. You likely know this – it’s super difficult finding someone talented enough to help us and strengthen the team.