Hi folks.  I’m on a plane right now, coming back from conducting another on-site, two-day training session.  Always an awesome experience – it’s seriously something that spoils me.  I like to joke that hanging out with the “early adopter set” for the past two years like I have can give the false impression that the entire world is actually REALLY smart.

Lots of fun quotes from these great folks.  Some that jump out at me:

“Our old version of this report was 22 sheets.  We just got it down to 2.”

“OK Rob, save that workbook right there.  That’s like, ALL of my work for the next two days.”  (Not said in a joking manner).

“Tell ya what, why don’t you just…  put that file on my thumbdrive before you leave.”  (Also not joking).

“The weather in Columbus, Ohio is not bad at all.”  (Ironically, not joking).

“Hey a few of us are going to the bar, wanna come?”

(And if my friends in San Diego are reading this…  no.  Not even close.  But May is just around the corner isn’t it?  I think it’s almost time I come visit again.)

I also got to meet one of our other clients in person on this trip – they very kindly took me to dinner at an awesome burger joint and bar.  Thanks AH and B!  Very nice and intelligent people – even more so in person than in email.

Anyway, it’s midnight and I’m still in the air (flight delayed) with a busy morning.  So I’m gonna give myself one day of respite and go live with a real post on Friday.

Next week, back to Tuesday/Thursday schedule.