Yes, That IS a Measure

Third and Final Mini-Post for Today

Got a question from a friend yesterday that made me realize I should share this:  in PowerPivot, your formulas do NOT have to return numbers.  As I’ve shown several times, they can return dates, but they can also return just plain and simple text.

For instance, check out the formula for that Trend measure above:

[Trend] = IF([$ – Sales] > [$ – Sales YAG], “Up”, “Down”)

[$ – Sales] and [$ – Sales YAG] are both measures (“current sales” and “sales year ago.”)  So this IF() is 100% dynamic and responds to whatever fields and filtering/slicing you’ve done on your pivot!  If sales have gone up since last year, it returns “Up,” otherwise it returns “Down.”

One of those cool little tricks that comes in handy from time to time Smile