I received this Halloween card today, thought it was hilarious, and decided to scan it in:


Why exactly is that hilarious, you ask?  It’s a fair question.

Well, it’s funny precisely because that IS my father.  And yes, he owns that suit.  Not making this up.

It’s even funnier because my dad is actually quite a bit “cooler” than me.  Example: a fight broke out during a YMCA basketball game once (he and I were on the same team) and he waded into it to rescue one of our teammates, while I was getting the hell away.  Then about 10 guys piled on my dad…  and I decided to confuse the enemy by running away more.  Darth Vader can fend for himself.

Even today, when we go places together, women who would never even acknowledge me go all giggly around him.  He has that “cool guy” charisma.  And a full replica Darth Vader suit.  Yeah, even the expensive light saber:


Six feet, four inches of total goofball.

This does NOT count as Tuesday’s post, so stand by for something more meaningful.