Remember Marco and Alberto?  The guys who wrote the Ferrari of PowerPivot books?

Yeah, the book that I dogeared to death?  The “your brain on DAX” book?

Well, they are scheduling a series of two-day workshops in Europe where you can learn from the masters themselves.

How does this compare to the training and consulting I offer?  First, I think there are things they know better than I know, and vice versa.  Let’s call it a tie on expertise 🙂

The first consideration here is that I don’t really do workshops/classes – I just do hands-on work with one company at a time.  There are advantages to that approach that I firmly believe in, but in terms of cost, especially for smaller organizations, something like a class or workshop often makes more sense.

And could you find two better instructors than these two?  I think not.  Super sharp, funny, and just nice to be around.

If you live in Europe and are looking to soak up some serious expertise, particularly on the capabilities of DAX and data modeling, I think you should look into these workshops.  They seem to be touring the whole continent – Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam already scheduled with more on the way.  A good opportunity.