Believe It


“I can’t believe it’s not SharePoint, er, Excel, er, wait… it IS Excel and SharePoint…  so confused…”



A couple weeks back I posted screenshots of our custom SharePoint master pages.  The functionality was great, but the aesthetics were still a little bland.

We’ve had some plastic surgery done since then.  Here’s the new home page:

Custom PowerPivot SharePoint Report Portal
Redesigned Customer Report Portal

We kept all of the functionality from before (no Ribbon or Site Actions menu unless you are an admin, etc.) but there’s a new component now as well:  the treeview.  There are five reports under each node of that tree, so our customers can quickly find any of the 100+ reports they are looking for.

(No, we don’t use the built-in Report Gallery – it really doesn’t handle more than 2-3 reports in practice).

And here is one of the redesigned report pages:

Custom PowerPivot SharePoint Report Page
Redesigned Customer Report Page

As I said before, if you need advice or help doing something similar, drop me a note.