Quick update so that everyone is aware of a few things the [link removed due to 404] Great PowerPivot FAQ can do for you.

Have you ever noticed the View dropdown?  It contains 3 items of note:

View Dropdown

Latest View

This view shows you the most recently updated FAQ items at the top.  Useful if you just want to see what’s new on a particular day.

Portuguese Translation View

Yes, this is real 🙂  Thiago Zavaschi has been translating FAQ content from English to Portuguese, to satisfy the hungry PowerPivot audience in Brazil 🙂

If you see a need for another language translation and would like to volunteer, please let me know.  It’s very easy for me to set up another view.

Unanswered Questions View

I know, hard to believe, but there actually ARE a few questions posted that have no answers yet.

If you see a question here that you know the answer to, please drop me or any of the [link removed due to 404] moderators a note.  We will credit you with the answer 🙂