“I’ll make ya famous.”

-William H. Bonney

When I first announced the [link removed due to 404] FAQ, I mistakenly believed that I had a limited number of user accounts to give out.  Turns out, I have unlimited accounts, and the only limitation is on amount of content.  Right now that limit is 200 MB.

I’m pretty sure 200 MB is gonna have us covered 🙂

As you can see [link removed due to 404] here, we’ve already got a number of excellent moderators for the FAQ (where “moderators” is a fancy word for “people who have write access.”)  I’m happy to add some more.

Moderator responsibilities are pretty light – you just have to be willing to contribute FAQ items from time to time.

If you’d like to be considered for this role, drop me an email or tweet (contact info at the bio link at the top of the page).  I don’t promise to take everyone who contacts me, but I will consider everyone.

Some guidelines:

    1. You do NOT have to be a Microsoft employee.  This is a community effort.
    2. You DO have to know what you are talking about.  You’ve spent time with PowerPivot already.  Maybe you’ve blogged about it, maybe you haven’t.  But you’ve done something you can tell me about.
    3. You DO have to post at least occasionally.  Over time I will trim the moderators list and clean out inactives.
    4. You DO have to be friendly, courteous, and responsible at all times.

Tobey-Maguire-Spider-Man“With great power comes great responsibility”

-Peter Parker

Basically I reserve the right to prune the list of moderators at any time and for any reason.  I won’t be a jerk about it of course (I, too, will follow rule #4), but if I need to tweak things I will.  Let’s consider this an experiment 🙂

I should also add that if you cease being a moderator for any reason, the items you contributed will stay on the site for the benefit of the community (but will remain attributed to you).

I don’t mean to sound harsh – what limited experience I have with this kind of thing tells me that clear expectations up front actually leads to a friendlier vibe all around.  No surprises = good.

With that out of the way, remember, we are here to help each other, and to enjoy the process.  Those are the goals.

Looking forward to hearing from you,