“I will do it for Prado, who was once great with the bugs. I will do it for the time we filled Prado’s office with bouncy balls, and for the time Prado wore his nerf weapons in the marketing hall and slew all of them with no fear and only a great joy at the combat.”

After last night’s post where I related the story of an engineer (me) savaging a marketer, I couldn’t resist sharing this story that appeared in MicroNews (the MS internal newsletter) during my first year at Microsoft.  It was a contest – write a (hyper-short) software story in the style of Hemingway.


The whole story is here, and is only about half a page.  Well-worth the read: 

That half-page work of fiction – both its mere existence and its contents – is also a glimpse into what I would call “old Microsoft,” which I basically caught the tail-end of.  Good times.

John Browne, author of software Hemingway without peer, I salute you, and am grateful I could find your fine work preserved on the web.  Oh, and I include your requested link to the copyright license.