There have been some excellent PowerPivot posts floating around recently, and some of them may have slipped under the radar during the holiday week.  A few highlights:

Samurai Video!

First, in case you missed it, yours truly did an end-to-end interview and demo video with the SharePoint Samurai:

Tuning PowerPivot Reports to Serve as Data Sources

So far I have just been focusing on how to turn raw data into killer reports.  But PowerPivot workbooks are also fully queryable data sources for other applications, like Reporting Services and PerformancePoint.  There are a few tricks to make this work smoothly.  RussCh from the PerformancePoint team provides an excellent treatment of this topic here:

PowerPivot Meets Dallas!

Wow, killer new vid from the Niederlander Nullifier himself, Kasper de Jonge 🙂  PowerPivot against cloud data!

Why PowerPivot for SharePoint?

Dave Wickert lays out why the server component of PowerPivot is not something to ignore.

Using PowerPivot for Commerce Server Analysis

Gaël Duhamel shows that this is really easy and effective: