“We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

-Chief Brody

When you think about it, this PowerPivot thing is still really, really small.  I mean, I’m thrilled with the level of readership here already, but then I remind myself “Hey Rob, you realize that less than 0.1% of the eventual target audience has even heard of PowerPivot yet, right?” – well that’s just hard to contemplate.

We’re just getting started.  Actually, we’re just getting started on the getting started 🙂

Similarly, the number of people passionate enough about this stuff to set up blogs devoted specifically to PowerPivot (and SharePoint BI in general) – it just keeps growing.

First, Vidas Matelis is reprising his excellent SSAS-info.com specifically for PowerPivot, with the introduction of powerpivot-info.com – I’m sure we will see great things there 🙂

Second, two of my colleagues at MS were inspired by PASS (as I was inspired by the SharePoint conference) to set up shop as well:

Dave Wickert at PowerPivotGeek.com

Denny Lee at PowerPivotTwins.com

…and if you were at PASS, you already know what these guys can do 🙂

Some of you have asked if this is a coordinated effort by MS, all this PowerPivot blogging by employees.  The answer is a definitive No.  We all did this independently.  In fact, now that we’re all here, it would be good for us to coordinate a little bit on behalf of everyone out there, so we’re not duplicating content, etc. – the three of us will huddle (virtually) and see what we can do.