Saturday morning, less than a month after I started this site, I took the following screenshot off of the stats page:


Wow.  That is incredibly gratifying, folks.  It helps, of course, to have a hot product like PowerPivot to talk about.

But this means a bit more to me than you might think.

This summer, my ex moved to Cleveland with the kids, which meant that I was soon to follow.  After a career of developing “big box” software while employing a heavily “in-person” style, suddenly I was across the country and wondering how I was going to remain in the game.  Cleveland is not renowned for big-box software development 🙂

Much of that remains to be seen – I’m still with MS, still part of the PowerPivot team, and we’re still figuring out the best fit for me going forward.  But it’s a good kind of uncertainty now.

I was worried, leaving Redmond.  I’m not worried anymore.  In fact I have not felt this recharged in years.  This site, and the people I’ve met through it, is a HUGE part of that.  If I end up leaving MS at some point, this site goes with me, which is why I am here instead of on MSDN.  This is very much my personal creation, and at my expense.  It’s worth it.

And hey, I got to take a cross-country roadtrip with the kids.  How often does that end up feeling like the practical thing to do?  Truly a once in a lifetime experience:

               Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

                                                The P3 Adaptive geny

So…  thanks folks.  I’ll keep working to make this place worth visiting.  You keep sending comments and questions 🙂