Who What When Where Why HowHello P3 Adaptive Nation. Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. Here at P3 Adaptive , we’re always working to improve our blog and bring the best content to you, our readers. So we’d LOVE it if you’d take a moment out of your day today and complete our reader survey. Our goal is to use the information to help us determine the best content to deliver.

We WANT to know what types of posts you want more of…or even what kinds of posts you might want less of! So I’ve constructed a survey using Microsoft Forms that I would love if you could help fill out. I’ve created a few questions regarding demographics, skill levels, and other general questions about our blog as well.

In fact, after all of you wonderful readers have completed this survey, I’m going to do a follow-up post and create an awesome Power BI Report with the results! That’s right, all the data you’re providing isn’t just going to go to our secret vault. I want to share all that information back out with our community, because wouldn’t it be cool to know aggregated information about your fellow reader? Also, I’m a data nerd, and it would be super cool to see the survey data displayed in an awesome dashboard.

Now don’t worry, both the survey and the results will be completely ANONYMOUS, so no information about specific persons will be shared. With that being said I’ll leave you to it and let you fill out the survey below. Again, thanks for taking the time to complete it and look for Part 2 of this post to come shortly. Smile