A few quick items for this Friday, then I’m off to Cedar Point for some much-needed coaster thrills:

1) HostedPowerPivot Interest – Wow!

We’re blown away by the response to HostedPowerPivot.com.  I’ve spent multiple hours on the phone today with longtime blog readers – an added benefit of this is getting to know some of you better.  Very cool, seeing all the different usage cases people have in mind.

2) Webinar with Rackspace June 8th

I’m going to be doing a PowerPivot webinar with Jeff DeVerter, SharePoint guru at Rackspace, on June 8th.  It’s going to be more of an intro to PowerPivot, so longtime readers here may find it elementary.  But there will be some fun demos, and Jeff is a really dynamic personality, so I am looking forward to it.

Click here to view the agenda, and to reserve a spot

3) Part two of “portable formulas” is live on the Excel blog

I’m 100% serious that formula portability is one of the top 3 benefits of PowerPivot over normal Excel, it’s just taken me awhile to figure out how to explain it.

Click here for part two

…and here if you missed part one