“I don’t always use spreadsheets, but when I do, I prefer…  PowerPivot.”

-P Kumar

We Have a Waldo Contest Winner!

OK, I’ve never met P Kumar.  Most people haven’t.  He is a mysterious man, preferring to go by his first initial only, much like the famous J Allard at Microsoft.  P probably looks nothing like the picture above.  But he is, quite simply…

The Most Tenacious Man in the World.

When I posted the Where’s Waldo PowerPivot Contest, I knew it was challenging.  I half expected the winner would be someone who had already stumbled upon the answer, rather than someone who went looking for it.  I mean, I had stumbled upon it myself just a few days prior.

But this did not deter P.  Nor did the fact that he had never installed PowerPivot, client or server.  Off he went.

I kinda get the impression that P barely slept for 48 hours, performing the equivalent of a depth-first-search traversal of every pixel in the product.  You can get a play-by-play account of his efforts here in the comments thread.

Anyway, here’s the answer:



Yeah, it’s in the usage monitoring features of PowerPivot for SharePoint.  Those dashboard views are rendered in Excel Services from workbooks created by the PowerPivot team, and they accidentally left in a chart from their own internal testing of the product. 

You can even create your own workbooks as custom views, which I have been doing lately to filter Pivotstream employees out (so we just see the activity of our customers).

Congratulation to P, the most tenacious person I’ve encountered in a long time.  He truly deserves the prize.  Now P, I expect you to do wonderful things with that software ok?  Please report back so we can track your exploits further 🙂

An old joke comes to mind

This reminds me of one of my favorite old jokes – “How do you hunt an elephant?”  Each profession’s quirks are revealed by their approach.  In particular, the approach of computer programmers seems relevant:


The full list can be found here.