Hi folks, the survey is still open, please take the 3 mins (on average) to fill it out if you are using PowerPivot today.

Quick preview of the results so far:

A good mix of respondent types:


And pretty healthy interest in the SharePoint version:


Interest in SharePoint is actually pretty even between Tech folks and Users, 80% and 75%:


More than 20% of the respondents use other self-service BI tools today:


Filtering out the “No usage of self-service BI before PowerPivot,” that self-service use/eval breaks down like this:


Clarification:  the last line in the fragment below, “Qlikview, Other” with 5.7% means 5.7% of the selected respondents evaluated Qlikview AND other self-service tools and decided not to adopt. 


So in order to get the full total for Qlikview, you really need to add all the lines that include Qlikview.  This is a function of having survey questions of the format “select all that apply.”  It kinda makes analysis a bit tedious, but that’s a blog post of its own Smile

More results next week.  In the meantime, please take the survey if you have not already.