PowerPivot FAQ “But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”


“In answer to your query, they’re written down for me.”

-Blade Runner Holden

We’re fortunate to already have a number of great sources of PowerPivot information – the official site, some great blogs, and several forums.

We now find ourselves with a familiar problem, though:  given the breadth of the PowerPivot product, finding the answer to a specific question is often difficult unless you’ve been following all of those sources since their inception.  Digging through archives isn’t a lot of fun, even when assisted by a search engine.

So, here it is, [link removed due to 404] The Great PowerPivot FAQ.

Contributing to the FAQ

Most of the q’s in the FAQ as of today came from a list I’d been maintaining in Excel, and I’ll of course be adding to it over time, but I hope to not be the only one responsible for all of this 🙂

So if you want to contribute, here are the three ways to do so:

    1. You can email me a question and answer (or post it in comments).  If I agree that it qualifies for the FAQ, I will post it to the FAQ and credit you as the contributor.
    2. You can send me an answer to a currently unanswered question, and again I’ll credit you.  Notice there’s an “Answered?” column in the FAQ, and there are a few “No’s” in there.
    3. I’m also hoping to have a few co-moderators who have edit rights.  I have a few people in mind and will be contacting them directly.  Depending on response, I might open it up to volunteers.

I don’t have enough logins to go around, and certainly don’t want to open anonymous editing, so for now that’s gonna have to be the system.

Why SharePoint?

I chose to use SharePoint because it gives me a convenient publishing mechanism – I get a hyperlinked table of contents for free, without manually having to keep that up to date in HTML.  It also gives readers the ability to sort and filter, and I can annotate with additional columns as needed.  I can use that site to publish all kinds of other stuff, too – other lists, wikis, whatever.  (If you have suggestions let me know.)

Also, the Data Grid view let me directly copy/paste my existing list of questions and answers from Excel directly into SharePoint.

And all hosted for $9 a month (as long as I’m ok with anonymous access, which I am).  Not bad.