Hey folks, if you are remotely near the so-called “Heartland” region of the US in February, you may consider dropping in on SQL Saturday 60.  It’s Saturday, February 5 in Cleveland OH.

I will be presenting a session titled PowerPivot: BI & Massive Data Analysis for Humanscatchy huh?

I love these community events.  It’s pretty crazy, when you think about it.  Speakers literally fly in from all over the country to present.  (Well, except for me, I’m gonna just drive down the road). 

And these are some amazing people who travel around to these things.  From Boston:  Tom LaRock, aka SQLRockstar, aka “I have the best name in the tech business,” is speaking.  From Toronto:  Karen Lopez, aka DataChick, is speaking.

Those are just two that I know about.  The official complete schedule is not yet released.

And it is free.  That’s right, no admission.  Just $10 for lunch, and I’m told repeatedly that “lunch is not pizza.”

If this is anywhere near as much fun as SharePoint Saturday was (scroll down that page past the pic of Jesse James), we’re in for a treat.

And apparently there are after parties and stuff.  (No, I am not making that up).  And yes, the parties are optional…  but I hear good things about SQL Karaoke…  (not making that up either).