A few of us are having a really interesting discussion on Twitter right now that I thought could use a different forum.

“PowerPivot – bad for BI developers and consultants because it removes some need for their services, or good because it opens more doors?”

Here are some of the posts, I mean, tweets:

  • Vidasmatelis_normal VidasM: Preparing key points to talk at #sqlpass FoB lunch.Topic #PowerPivot impact on DW projects.More/less work for us?I welcome any suggestions.
  • Rd_headshot_cropped2_normal andrewbrust: @VidasM I think #PowerPivot will give rise to projects that would otherwise never have happened.
  • Rd_headshot_cropped2_normal andrewbrust: @VidasM And if a published #PowerPivot solution becomes popular, then it’s a candiadte for a more conventional implementation
  • `wp_q52cf6_posts`.`post_title` P3 Adaptive : @VidasM I think more work for SSAS dev. In my exp, iterating on reqs =90% of project.Now u’ll do many short “upsize” conversions from PPwkbk
  • `wp_q52cf6_posts`.`post_title` P3 Adaptive : @andrewbrust Agree with all your pts. #powerpivot good 4 BI pro. If BI were less crucial, 1 could squeeze other. But crucial feeds crucial:)
  • 110483183_4_yu59_normal Kjonge: @VidasM my idea is analysts creating adhoc and reports for single users with #powerpivot but enterprise reports run on SSAS and SSRS
  • Vidasmatelis_normal VidasM: @P3 Adaptive , @andrewbrust – But – I can count projects where #PowerPivot would have been “Good enough”. So I can quantify my loss.
  • Vidasmatelis_normal VidasM: @P3 Adaptive , @andrewbrust – But I just have to guess how much I’ll gain (maybe). That is why I worry. And again-I just love #PowerPivot
  • Vidasmatelis_normal VidasM: I also see risk – companies building “Data dumps” instead of proper data warehouse, as it is faster and #PowerPivot can be used for reports
  • 110483183_4_yu59_normal Kjonge: @VidasM i still see some #powerpivot issues like security that will prevent it from being used as real enterprise wide reporting
  • Would love this conversation to continue, both the four of us above, as well as others.  Please post your thoughts as comments!