This is the sort of thing I am seeing with increasing frequency these days:  jobs specifically created around a PowerPivot state of mind Smile

Longtime reader David Napoli has convinced his organization that it’s time to invest in PowerPivot, and that means hiring some talent.

One position is a full time data analyst with a salary range that varies based on experience. 

You don’t have to currently be a monster PowerPivot Pro to apply – just willing to learn.  (And if I may editorialize just a bit:  if you are already strong with the PowerPivot Force, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary – you don’t know if you don’t ask.  I would expect people who are comfortable implementing everything in my book, for instance, to command starting salaries in six figures.)

The other job is a contract position focused on the backend / database side of things – in other words, the data analyst’s new best friend.

Neither position requires relocation as long as you are in the USA.

The job descriptions are available here:

PowerPivot Data Analyst

Backend Architect

If interested in learning more, contact [email protected]