***UPDATE***:  We have filled all available positions for the moment.  We may open new positions in the future of course, but also, we expect to be in a position to refer business to 3rd party SSIS/SQL professionals, so please still feel free to submit resumes in the meantime.

At a high level, we have two separate but related businesses at Pivotstream:

  1. “Full-Service” BI Subscriptions – an example of which is covered in a blog post and then as a Microsoft case study.
  2. Self-Service PowerPivot Environments – including low-cost, optimized hosting as well as [link removed due to 404] onsite training and software.

Both revolve around PowerPivot (and, in the near future, Tabular BISM).

Both require a lot of backend SQL work to ingest, shape, and prepare data before it can be optimally consumed in PowerPivot.

And both businesses are booming.

If you are a SQL/SSIS professional with five years or more experience, have a friendly and flexible attitude, and want to witness firsthand the transformation of the BI industry, please drop us a resume.

Relocation is not required – we are very “telecommute friendly.”  We do ask that you be a US resident, however.