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Year One Was Great, So I’m Speaking Again – San Jose CA, May 7-9

I really enjoyed the inaugural PASS Business Analytics Conference, aka PASS BACON, last year.  Before that, I’d never been to a conference that was even remotely aimed at “my kind of people.”  That all changed for me last year.  I think we have found our home.

THIS is the kind of conference we need – one that’s accessible without heavy technology expertise.  One where Business Impact take center stage, and the only pre-requisite is that you enjoy working with data.  (And it helps if you don’t flinch at the word “Microsoft.”)

Which suits us Excel folks to a tee, doesn’t it?  They might as well put us on the front page.  But an explicit mention of Excel would scare off those other people – the non-Excel people (that we outnumber 100 to 1).  Honestly I think we should just take this thing over.  You know, like…  Occupy BACON.  (Brief pause while I replace the previously-bland title of this post with precisely that).

Putting my time where my mouth is, this year I am “doubling down” and presenting two sessions – a full-day “pre-con” and a “regular” session – see below for details.  AND I’m in discussions about presenting a third session as well, stay tuned on that.

We like dominating the "BACON Challenge"Last Year’s Referral Champion Wants to Repeat!

A little bird told us that last year, more people signed up for PASS BACON using the P3 Adaptive discount code than any other discount code.

Pretty cool, eh?  Anyway, there’s a discount code again this year, but I’ve been slow to share it.  Let’s pretend we did that to give all those “non-Excel” websites a head start, given that whole “100 to 1 outnumber” thing (in reality I have just been swamped).


$150 Off When You Register With This Code

All righty then, here’s the code:


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No, I don’t receive “kickbacks” from registrations that use this code.  But if enough people use it, that bolsters our cause by showing them how relevant we are.  And…  I don’t mind winning meaningless contests either.  Meaningless victories are the easiest to brag about since typically there are no hurt feelings.

Partial List of 2014’s Relevant/Interesting Sessions

Here’s something I did last year that people seemed to appreciate, so I’ll do it again this year.  I combed through the 70+ sessions currently posted and pulled out a bunch that caught my eye.  Certainly not a complete list, and definitely biased by the interests of Yours Truly, but a list this long is a Very Good Sign indeed.

I’ve loosely categorized them as:

  1. How-To – training on how to use tools, techniques, etc.
  2. Strategy – how to implement a successful analytics/reporting strategy in your org (especially a Power Pivot and/or Power BI strategy).  How to sell it to others, cultural best practices, etc.
  3. Hybrid – a blend of the two above.
  4. Crazy Aussie – Grant Paisley.

And yes, the first two sessions in my list are MY sessions.  Click the links in the left column for full abstracts.



My Comments

PowerPivot: Fundamentals and Patterns to Make You Effective TODAY


My full-day preconference session. “Zero to sixty” with Power Pivot and DAX. ($595 additional fee, some of which does go to me).

Your Own Data Revolution: P3 Adaptive ’s Six Principles to Understand and Apply


Me again – session explaining HOW to apply Power Pivot and related tools for maximum effect within your organization.

Business Intelligence Transformed Our Finance Department


Director of finance at Microsoft itself! Very interesting and relevant from an org strategy perspective.

DAX from the Field: Real-World Case Studies


THE Alberto Ferrari! I’ll sit in and spy on what he’s been up to 🙂

M versus P versus R


I really, REALLY, like the practical tone of this session abstract.

MDX for PowerPivot Users


I, um, yeah. I think I am finally ready for this next leap in my data powers. Who better to help me than C-Webb?

Querying in DAX


Another data powers leap that I feel ready for. And another monster instructor: Marco Russo!

Solving Complex Business Problems with DAX


Kasper “The Mean Dutchman” de Jonge 🙂

Through Gardens Overgrown: PowerPivot to SSAS 2012 Tabular


How Power Pivot models can “mature” into SSAS Tabular models with zero friction.

BI in Windows Azure Virtual Machines: From Creation to User Access


I personally wonder about the tradeoffs of VM’s in Azure vs. Amazon EC2. Do I get any special bells and whistles if I use the MS cloud?

Health Analytics: Quality and Effectiveness of Healthcare with Power BI


Healthcare = Big Money = Relevant.  Enough said.

Kick-Ass Ad Hoc Cube Browser Built in SSRS 2014

Crazy Aussie 🙂

Past sessions by “Grahnt” have resembled Gallagher shows. Watch for flying objects.

3D Visualization and Storytelling with Power Map for Excel


The one and only Ari Schorr! (Make sure you ask him about the Pro Plus decision. He LOVES that question!)

Advanced Analytics in Excel 2013



Advanced Spatial Analysis: Beyond Bubble Charts



Data Analysis in Excel and Power BI for Office 365



Enabling Enterprise-Scale Business Analytics


Northrup-Grumman case study.  Good for legitimizing Power * adoption in your org.

Fighting Global Cybercrime and BotNets using Power BI and Big Data



Natural Language Data Exploration with Power BI Q&A



Panel: Has Big Data Killed the EDW?


I’m keenly watching this trend, as it could change things dramatically. Or mostly fizzle.

Power BI from an IT Pro Perspective



R and Hadoop: From Data Sources to Secret Sauce


Jen Stirrup!

Unlocking Business Value with Advanced Analytics


Internal usage of Data Science at MS. Given that it’s MS, I expect MS tools to make an appearance.

Code and Link (Again)

In case you don’t want to scroll back up, here they are again:


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Hope to see you there!  I’ll try to organize some sort of “meetup” as the event gets closer.  We’ll take over a restaurant or something.