Dax WhitepaperCouple quick things today.

First, Howie Dickerman, one of the SuperHeroes of DAX, has written a new version of the DAX whitepaper.

I had a chance to discuss some of it in person with Howie when I was in Redmond.  It opened my eyes to a number of things I had been missing.  I sadly have not had time to review it in detail yet – there are other things (good things) afoot at PivotStream these days…  like, um, I dunno, our first industrial-strength PowerPivot farm in the sky…  but I plan to get back to DAX shortly.

In the meantime, I have posted the updated whitepaper in the [link removed due to 404] Samples Gallery out on the FAQ Site.

PowerPivot Architecture Poster

Also, Denny Lee shared an excellent new poster that displays all the components of the PowerPivot architecture.  I’ve also uploaded that to the [link removed due to 404] Samples Gallery.

Note that the poster is HUGE, meant to truly be a poster, so it’s not really something you view in a web page.  Hence the PDF format.  It’s also available in other formats.